Roger Shah – Magic Island 577

Artist: Roger Shah
Show: Roger Shah – Magic Island 577
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Trance
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Roger Shah – Magic Island 577
Magic Island

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Roger Shah - Magic Island 577 Tracklist

Welcome to Roger’s Island, the magic island where it is not about specific styles or musical sub genres, it’s about the mood, the vibe, the lifestyle…the Balearic feeling. Here on Magic Island you will receive your weekly portion of a summer holiday as you would cruise around a beautiful island yourself. Expect a wide range of sound, the first hour will bring you the best from the trance world from epic melodic anthems to beautiful vocal tunes to banging club tracks while the second hour is much more relaxed, deep house and Balearic influenced but also expect cool and progressive sounds as well. Enjoy and discover your journey on and with Magic Island – music for Balearic people.

1st Hour

01. Double V – Summer Rain
02. Ahmed Helmy – My Dearly Beloving
03. Cocoland – Kira In The Rain
04. Beatsole & Nostrangel – Sunsets
05. The Blizzard – Impossible
06. Chris Bekker – Neon
07. Dirkie Coetzee – Catharsis
08. Huem – Rubik
09. Tenishia – Point Of No Return (Protoculture Remix)
10. Claus Backslash – Mystic Vibes
11. Silvela – Offing (Uplifting Mix)

2nd Hour

01. Airwave – Save Me (Basil O’glue Remix)
02. Africanism Allstars – Les Enfants Du Bled (Daddys Groove 2019 Rework)
03. Inner City – Till We Meet Again (Carl Craig Extended Remix)
04. S’il Vouz Play – Great White (Eric Rose Remix)
05. Vince Forwards & Sunset Moments – Falling Stars
06. Lane 8 – Anthracite
07. Above & Beyond Ft Zo Johnston -alchemy (i_o Remix)
08. Highnoon At Salinas & Noah Shah – Siente El Sol
09. Dylhen – Quantum

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