Primeshock – Powermode #PWM27
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Artist: Primeshock
Show: Primeshock – Powermode #PWM27

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Genre: Hardstyle
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Primeshock – Powermode #PWM27

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Primeshock - Powermode #PWM27

Powermode Episode 27 will power you through these hard and twisted times! With the current state the world’s in, we’re happy to provide you with some of the best Hardstyle music out there. On top of that, #PWM27 premieres the Primeshock collaboration with Jay Reeve called ‘Get It’! What are you waiting for?! Switch into Powermode!


Energy, power, entertainment; keywords that describe Primeshock on their way to the top. Devouring the Hard Dance scene with a flood of energy, their shockwave is expanding at the speed of sound!

Primeshock delivers crazy powerful sets that will pump up crowds and blow up stages. In addition they represent the best Hardstyle in their monthly Powermode Podcast, broadcasted at Q-dance Radio.

Primeshock is ready to take over the world of Hardstyle with their energy, positive vibes and powerful music. Switch into Powermode! ⚡

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Tracklist:00. Powermode intro (00:00:00)01. 2 Best Enemies – Les Drums (TBY Remix) (00:00:29)02. Jay Reeve ft. Piqo – Back Up Again (00:02:51)03. Dutch Master – What Goes Around (00:04:37)04. Dozer – Syren (00:07:25)05. Scope DJ – A New Beginning (Rebirth Anthem 2013) (00:10:01)06. Da Tweekaz & Neilio – Freedom (00:12:15)07. Primeshock & Jay Reeve – Get It (00:16:12)08. Galactixx – Ready To Party (00:19:37)09. Wildstylez – Soundstorm (00:20:54)10. Coone – Universal Language (Cyber Remix) (00:23:42)11. Scabtik – Still Here (00:27:08)12. LNY TNZ x Da Tweekaz x The Kemist – We Made It (00:28:26)13. Second Identity ft. MC Chucky – Music On Demand (00:29:53)14. Refuzion ft. Fawlin – Miracles (00:32:23)15. Frontliner – Whatever! (00:33:56)16. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Next Level (00:36:26)17. Psyko Punkz & Coone & KELTEK – Arriba (00:39:46)18. The Pitcher – La Nuit Noire (00:42:10)19. The Witcher OST – Toss A Coin To Your Witcher (Antergy Bootleg) (00:44:30)20. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Bla Bla (00:45:49)21. Noisecontrollers & Zany – Paranoid (00:47:28)22. Adaro – History (00:49:28)23. Audiotricz & Atmozfears ft. MC DL – Way Of The Wicked (00:51:04)24. D-Sturb & Villain ft. Le Prince – I Am Rebirth (Official Rebirth Festival 2020 Anthem) (00:52:31)25. Devin Wild – The_Innergame (00:55:29)


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